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The Association For International Sport For All


The IVV is a member of TAFISA (The Association of International Sport for All) and benefits from contact with its many governmental and international connections.

Last update: 2021-09-14



The IVV is a member of TAFISA and has been invited to participate in the second annual ‘TAFISA World Walking Day - 24 hours Around the Globe Relay”. As the TAFISA event offered coincides perfectly with our IVV activities and programs, the IVV encourages its members to participate in this initiative.

By participating in this event, we hope to increase the IVV’s visibility and recognition among other international organisations through more communicative means. Last year, members and participants from 65 countries around the world took part in the first event.

This event is not a replacement for the IVV’s own ‘World Walking Day’, which takes place  annually on May 08, but should be seen as an additional event in the second half of the year to bring additional attention to our program.

How can IVV members at the national level and single members participate?

     Announce your participation in the upcoming event in your social media: web pages, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.

     IVV members with web pages, Twitter accounts, FaceBook pages and other social media accounts are asked to use the following hashtag to bring attention to their own programs and to the TAFISA event itself: #worldwalkingday  Simply add that hashtag to any text published through social media platforms and your participation and organization’s information will be shared automatically.

Here is the model for the relay:

     • Participants are asked to organize the passing of the baton before 03 October and to make a short video of the passing so it may be shared by TAFISA later. Cellphone videos are perfectly acceptable, and landscape mode is preferred. More here: https://www.worldwalkingday.org/participate

     • Register your organization’s information here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WorldWalkingDay2021

     • At 10am on 03 October 2021, participants from all time zones and will pass a baton in a worldwide relay from east to west. The passing of the baton may be done in some cause’s name, to express their organization’s values, to promote a particular event, etc. As the baton is passed, the participant should say “I pass the baton for …“, and make their statement as suggested above. If you have not already planned an event for Oct 03, but have one on the same weekend, that is also possible.

Here is a sample YouTube video of how individuals and groups passed the relay baton last year. The ‘baton’ is a simple piece of rolled paper that is passed to another individual, among members of a group, or to the camera.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6_skxS-PkI

For further information, please contact the IVV Office, or

Vice-President Fawcett directly.