Walking Events


Prices for the IML/IVV Cup Awards

     IML/IVV Record Book: 3 Euros

     Cover: 0.50 Euros

     Cup Bar: 4.50 Euros

     Bronze Medal: 20 Euros

     Silver or Gold Medal: 23 Euros

     Certificate: 5 Euros

     IML/IVV Badge: 12 Euros

IML & IVV Cooperation Cups Rules

     Revised IVV / IML Cup Rules (2016-03-03)  The stamp will be given on the last day of the event.

IVV/IML Cooperation Cup Events 2023 [Revised]

2022-03-07  IVV-Asia, in consultation with the IVV, has decided to cancel the IVV-Asianpiad in Vladivostok, Russia.

2021-05-21 The Registration Form for the IML/IVV-CUP Algarve|Portugal Walking Festival in Amaixial March 05-06, 2022 is now available.

2021-09-07  Announcement: Regulation for the IML/IVV Cup stamp due to the overlapping of the IML event in Wonju (Oct 29-30,2022) and the IVV Olympiad in Seoul (Oct 28-31, 2022): Every IML walker who can show the IML stamp of Wonju 2022 in the IML Passport will additionally receive the IML/IVV Cup stamp of the IVV Olympiad in the IML Passport if the walker walks 20 / 10 km at the IVV Olympiad on October 31, 2022.  The Cup stamp in the IML Passport is only issued in connection with the IML Wonju stamp from 2022.   For the regular IML/IVV Cup stamp in the IML/IVV Cup book only, the following days need to be walked: October 28/29/30/31, 2022.

Last update: 2022-10-09