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Last update: 2023-03-26

2022-05-09  A brief report on the recent IVV Presidium meetings in South Tyrol (IT) April 28-30 is available here.


Announcement - 18th IVV Olympiad in San Antonio, Texas USA The IVV Olympiad will take place from Feb. 19-23, 2023, and be followed by the IML Texas Trail Roundup, Feb 24-26, 2023. Discounted registration fees are available until September 30, 2022.

2022-03-07  Announcement: IVV-Asia, in consultation with the IVV, has decided to cancel the IVV-Asianpiad in Vladivostok, Russia.

2022-02-24  Announcement: Unfortunately, the 17th Olympiad in Seoul, South Korea has been cancelled due to the pandemic situation.

2022-02-14  Announcement: New dates for the Marbella 4-Day walks in 2023 have been announced: October 05, 06, 07 and 08.  (Dates for 2022: October 06-09; Registration on Oct 05.)

2022-02-04  Announcement: IVV-Poland has published details of its walking progams for 2022. They are also searchable on the IVV Event Portal.

2022-02-02  Announcement: Details of the IVV-Europe Challenge 2022 (FR/EN/DE) are now available online. More information and resources are also available from the new IVV-Europe website  and the IVV-Europe FaceBook page

2022-01-12 Announcement: Please note the new contact in Marbella, Spain

As guests of honor, the District Governor of Liezen, IVV Treasurer Walter Motz and the Chairman of the walking club Tauplitz addressed the Delegates. The reports of President Franz Kirchweger, the Press Officer Leopold Halbesreiter and Treasurer Konrad Teni followed.

The new elections yielded the following results:

     President:           Leopold Halbesreiter

     Vice President:     Rudolf Bräuml

     Treasurer:           Konrad Teni

     Secretary:           Johann Kienast

     Public Relations: Heidi Pilz

The IVV Presidium congratulates the new ÖVV President Leopold Hablesreiter and wishes all the best for his term of office.

Diana Marshall, IVV-Americas President, along with friends Gary and Marietta Pritchard, dropped in recently to the IVV Office in Altötting, Germany.

INVITATION From time to time, photos and information recieved by the IVV Head Office will be featured here.  National and Direct members are also encouraged to SEND THEIR PHOTOS of large-scale news or events, along with short text descriptions in English or German, for publication here. See examples above.

2022-10-25  Please note that the regular mail address for the Canadian Volkssport Federation has changed to 204 Leather Leaf Terrace, Ottawa, ON K2J 5Z7. The email, phone and web addresses are unchanged.

2022-10-20  The IVV association in South Tyrol will not continue as an independent association at the end of the year, the IVV clubs will then be affiliated to FIASP - IVV Italy. We thank the long-time president Mr. Friedl Ploner for his leadership of the association and his commitment to the IVV. The remaining South Tyrolean associations will belong to FIASP from 01.01.2023. For details on permanent walking trails please continue to contact the tourist associations Steinegg, Ritten, Wolkenstein and Tramin as well as the Wanderfreunde Gröden for their annual walking event.

2022-09-11 The list of IVV/IML Cooperation Cup Events for 2023 is listed here.

2022-07-28 IVV Czech Republic elected Mr. Jiri Broz as its new President in June. We warmly welcome Mr Broz and look forward to further good cooperation. Mr. Broz can be reached at jirka.kct@seznam.cz

2022-06-10  On June 4, 2022 the Delegates Meeting 2022 of IVV-Austria ÖVV took place in Tauplitz/Austria. The IVV Presidium was represented by IVV Treasurer Walter Motz.

2022-11-08  (Above) Pictures of the throngs of young participants at the recent 45th Japan 3-Day March submitted by Motohiro Kawauchi, Secretary of IVV-Asia. The occasion also allowed special recognition for IVV Distance Awards for walkers who have walked 100,000km. IVV-Japan presented special awards to those who achieved 100,000 km, 80,000 km, and 50,000 km walking records in 2022 on November 4, the first day of the 45th Higashi-matsuyama Three-Day March.There were 5 walkers who completed 100,000 km, with the oldest was 88-year-old Mr. Masayoshi Yada and the youngest was 80-year-old Mr. Tsutomu Hasuoka. In addition, there are five people who have completed 80,000 km. Ms. Ikuko Saito and Ms. Kazuko Yada are walking friends. There were 10 participants who reached the 50,000 km milestone.

2022-11-17  (Above) During a recent working visit to San Antonio, Vice-President Fawcett took these pictures of the AVA Olympiad 2023 working groups as members continued working through a lunch break. They had come from all parts of America for three days of intensive work.

2022-11-17  (Above) 2023 IVV Olympiad in San Antonio: Typical scenes from San Antonio. Left to Right: a Hispanic style costume worn during the 'Day of the Dead Festival'; an electric riverboat passing through the outdoor Arneson River Theatre; a Texas sunset from the top of the Tower of the Americas; a Western-style hotel evoking the mid-nineteenth century (and a lot of cowboy movies). Click on photos to enlarge.

2022-12-12 - The 7th Europiad will take place in Waidring, AUSTRIA which is in near Kitzbüheler-Alpen - Pillersee Tal from May 29 to June 01 2024.

2022-12-10 - New IVV Single Member club in Funchal, Portugal.

2022-11-25 - The Minutes of the 2022 IVV Congress of Delegates held in Kehl, Germany are now available.