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Last update: 2023-10-01

Member Federations of the IVV usually have five or more clubs and Associations governed by an elected Board of Directors. Candidates for membership must apply to the IVV Office and be approved for admission by the Congress of Delegates.

Single Members: (Andorra, Indonesia, Ireland, Croatia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, CapVerde)  See above for direct links to these members.

Individual IVV clubs exist in countries without a member association. A member association can be founded if there are 5 or more individual associations in a country. Candidates for Single Membership must apply to the IVV Office .

South Tyrol: As previously announced (IVV News 2022-10-20), South Tyrol is no longer a member of the IVV. Please contact the Italian Federation (FIASP) for activities organized by the remaining clubs in Steinegg, Ritten, Wolkenstein, Tramin and Gröden.

Member Federations