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IVV Olympiads

2022: Seoul, South Korea - The 17th IVV Olympiad will take place in Seoul, South Korea from Oct 28-31, 2022.

IVV Congress of Delegates

2022: The recent Congress of Delegates chose Ottawa, Canada for the loction of the 2022 Congress, from July 27-29, 2022

IVV-Europe Congress of Delegates

IVV-Europe 'Europiad'

2021: Due to restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic, the 5th Hochpustertal Europiade 2021 has been postponed. The 5th Europiade will be rescheduled for October 20-23, 2021. Location and program will stay the same, as of now. Further information can be found on the IVV-Austria homepage: www.oevv-wandern.at

IVV-Asia 'Asianpiad'

2021: Vladivostok, Russia  -  The 5th Asianpiad in Vladivostok, Russia will take place Oct 22-23, 2022.

IVV-Americas 'Americaspiad' - The Governing Council of IVV-Americas announces that there will be no Americaspiad in 2020. Other walking festivals in Australia and Canada for 2020 and beyond are as follows:

     Australia: Canberra 2-Day Walking Festival

          2021: 27-28.März; 2022: 26-27.März

     Canada: Victoria, BC - Phoenix Walking Festival (every 2 years)

          2021: Dates to be announced in early 2021

IVV Calendar 2021 ~ 2023

Last update: 2021-04-12