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Most often, maps and written instructions for the route to be walked are given to participants. Sometimes, a course may be clearly marked, usually with signs of different colours, coloured tape, chalk marks on the ground, etc. Be alert to watch for turns or course intersections, which will also be clearly marked. If in doubt, other walkers will be glad to help you.

For security purposes, you may find checkpoints along the route. Show your start card there to be stamped, or respond to simple questions (if any) indicated on your instruction sheet. There may be first aid supplies at checkpoints and refreshments, usually free or for which you may be asked to pay a small price.


At the end of the walk, the Finish point will be clearly marked. It is almost always the same as the Start point. All walkers should check back in, either by singing the registration sheet or returning their start card. If you have IVV Record Books, they will be stamped by the organizers. You will also receive your souvenir award, if prepaid or available.

There may be drinks and food available at the finish point, or places indicated nearby to meet and socialize with other walkers. Members of the host club can give you further information about their program, and there may also be information tables where you will find brochures about future IVV events.


Individuals may buy IVV Record Books at a price that is set by the national association. There are two types of books: an Event Book (in which records are kept of the number of volkssport events in which the person participates) and a Distance Book (in which actual numbers of kilometres completed are kept). A person may chose to buy one book or the other, but most people buy both books to keep records of both Events and Distance.

Books are printed in different colours, as determined by the achievement level a person has reached. According to national member policy, differently priced books may be available depending upon your choice of receiving only a certificate as an award, or also a combination of a pin, patch and certificate. The price of the books is set to recover costs only. Books are sold at volkssport events and any other place an association or club may want to sell them.

If travelling, and you need to purchase a new book outside your home country, you may do so, but the first stamp in the book must be for an event done in the country of purchase.

RECORD BOOKS - Purchase and use

IVV Record Books are not transferable. Each participant must have his/her own book. You may be asked to provide personal data as proof of ownership.

Each event is assigned a certain number by the national association. An ink stamp is made that has on it 1) the year; 2) the IVV logo; 3) the symbol of the national association; 4) the event number.

When a participant completes the event, he presents his book and the stamp is placed in the book as documentation of his accomplishment. The Event Book is stamped with no additional notation, but the Distance Book is stamped, and the actual number of kilometres completed is also noted in the book. Distance (kilometres) credit is only given for walking, cycling, snowshoeing and cross-country ski events. Cycling distances are recorded only in special books for cycling events. Participants in other types of events (swimming, kayaking, inline skating, etc.) only receive credit in their Event Books.

Revisions to the IVV Rules (2009, 2010) require that walks offer at least a distance of 10 or more kilometres, with other possibilities starting at 5 kilometres. The participant may receive an IVV event stamp per day and kind of sports event. An event stamp per day may given for Permanent Walks, or according to any other period as approved by the national associations. Rules for Cycle events were changed in 2016, allowing for a minimum distance of 10 km.

If an event is held on more than one day (and there is a different course each day), a separate Event stamp may be assigned for each day and each course. Then, a participant may earn a stamp in his Event Book for each course he completes.

It is wise to keep a photocopy of your book before mailing as proof of the stamps you have received. Books cannot be replicated if they are lost.

Organizers of the events may also answer any further questions you may have about books.

IVV AWARDS - When and how are awards earned?

When a participant reaches various levels of achievement (for example, completes a designated number of events or accumulates a certain number of kilometres), he may present his book to the national association's office to receive his certificate. If there is no national association, the person may send it to the address of the national association shown on the front of his book.

IVV AWARDS - Event Book Award Levels (revised 2016)

The IVV award for events will be granted in the following increments: after 10, 30, 50, 75, 100, 125, etc. up to 600 events. After that, the walker has the choice to hand in the record book, either after 50 events (650, 700, 750, etc.) or after 100 events (700, 800, 900, etc.).

Events books:

     Event card (green) 10 events (increment 10, preferably free of charge)

     Record book (purple) up to 600 events (increment 20/25)

     Record book (red) more than 600 events (increment 50 or 100)

IVV AWARDS - Distance Book Award Levels (revised 2016)

The IVV award for kilometers will be granted in the following increments: after 500, 1,000, 1,500, etc. up to 10,000 km. After that, the walker has the choice to hand in the record book, either after 1,000 km (11,000, 12,000, 13,000, etc.) or after 5,000 km (15,000, 20,000, 25,000, etc.).

Kilometer books:

     Record book (blue) up to 10,000 km (increment 500 km)

     Record book (yellow) more than 10,000 km (increment 1,000 or 5,000)

IVV AWARDS - What are the awards?

It is recommended to use basically a certificate as IVV award. Further awards should be available for purchase by walkers (pin, badge).

IVV AWARDS - Can a person use his IVV Record Book in other countries?

Yes, the procedures at every "sanctioned" IVV event (an event approved by the IVV or its member) is the same. The same type stamp is used in the books.

IVV AWARDS – Can the book be "processed" (redeemed for an award) in a country other than the participant´s home country?

No. Even if the book was bought abroad, it must be returned only to the office of the participant´s own national association. The office address is on books and this web site.

IVV AWARDS - Are there any other awards a person can earn?

Yes, usually a club will have a commemorative pin, patch, mug, T-shirt etc. that a participant may purchase to remind him of the event. These are attractive souvenirs.

Last update: 2020-04-10