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Here, single items will be posted from time to time as the IVV Office becomes aware of them. It is recommended that all parties visit this page frequently for the latest possible news.




The current issue (#020) of our newsletter, Coffee Break is now available online.


In November, the Presidium approved a new Single Member club in Portugal. First event: April 27-29, 2018. Contact details.  Program information.


New IVV-Europiade information: Website;  Calendar of Events;  Europiade Pass Information, Registration, Costs


Walking information for 2018 from the following countries has been published on their respective webpages: Czech Republic, France, Poland, the Netherlands.


Work has begun on adding mobile-friendly pages for most of the current pages on the IVV website. These new mobile pages will be bilingual English - German. When you access the IVV website through a mobile phone, you will be immediately referred to the new pages. Those using tablets will access the usual pages found on the desktop version of the site. The new mobile website will be available for access before the end of December. A link to the desktop version will be in the bottom centre of each available mobile screen.


For those who wish to use them, all IVV members' email addresses will be converted to a common format. The IVV website server will automatically convert them to the email addresses found on each county's information page. This future function will be explained at the IVV-Europe Congress and enabled before the end of September.


The American Volkssport Association has a new President: David BONEWITZ    E-Mail: President@ava.org


The current issue of our newsletter, Coffee Break is now available online.


After several months work, the IVV website has a completely new and fresh look. It is also up to date with the latest changes received from the Office. The web address and the email address for the Office have not changed, but the structure and internal page names of the website have. If you have bookmarked any internal pages from the previous website, they will no longer work. Please find the corresponding page on the new website and bookmark it instead. Please note that ALL information on both National and Direct members is shown on a single page for each now. The separate page ‘Search for IVV Events’ is now incorporated on the particular member’s pages.


Report on the Executive Presidium meeting in Koblenz May 2017

Summary Report on Vice-President Fawcett's Visit to China May 11-19, 2017


Report on the Executive Presidium Meeting in Sicily April 2017


The Finnish Federation announces revisions to its program for 2017. It has also added the Suomi Finland 100 Years Walks to be held on 08.08.2017 and 09-08-2017. More details here.


The former Direct Member club on Grand Canary, Club de Caminata el Patalavaca, Gran Canaria, has changed name and contact information. New information may be found here.


The IML/IVV Cup Event at the IVV-Olympiad in Koblenz cannot be combined with the IML Event in Diekirch, as the two events overlap by one day. The IML/IVV Cup Event at the IVV-Olympiad will only be stamped on the last day of the event.


Official Announcement for the 2021 IVV Olympiad

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