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Marbella 4Days Walking enters its 7th edition and we herewith announce the dates for 2017:

     2017-10-12/15, Registration on Wednesday 11 October.

     Contact: Hans Wohl



The following events have been chosen for the IML/IVV Cup 2017:

     IVV Olympiad Koblenz, Germany: June 7 – 10, 2017

     Wanderfreunde Crailsheim/Germany: August 19-20, 2017

     Eurotrainer Brasov/Romania: September 2 -3, 2017


Due to organizational difficulties, the IVV Presidium has withdrawn its conditional approval of the IVV Winter Olympaid that was proposed to take place in January 2017 in Shenyang, China.


The 3rd ASIANPIAD will be held 2016 November 12(Sat.) 13(Sun) at Taipei City, Republic of China (Taiwan) by the Chinese Taipei Alpine Association (CTAA)

     10F, No.185, Sec.2, Zhong Shan North Road

     Taipei, Taiwan 10453 R.O.C.

     Tel: +886-2-2594 2108 Fax: +886-2-2593 5662



Cancellation of Kyushu three-day march. Due to the big earthquakes in Kyushu Area, Yatsushiro-city authorities decided that the IVV-certified & IML-certified Kyushu-Yatsushiro Three-day March on May 13th- 15th will be cancelled this year.

World Walking Day in Japan will be moved to Walking Festa Tokyo on April 30th and May 1st.


Jogja Indonesia International Heritage Walk: Further information


The national Congress of the French Volkssport Federation FFSP took place in Bitche on 2 April, 2016. Due to health reasons, the Chairman Francis RICHERT did not run for office again. Elections were held: Guy BORSENBERGER, will be the new Chairman of the French Volkssport Federation; Deputy 1 : Fabrice WAGNER, Webmaster and responsible for international cooperation; Deputy 2 : Armand BOHN, responsible for official awards (stamps, certificates, ….); Deputy 3 : Lionel MICHAUD, responsible for development; Deputy 4 : Marc BAJARD, responsible for partnerships.


Revised IVV / IML Cup Rules 2016-03-03          Revised IVV / IML Events 2016


The Norwegian Federation announces the Norwegian Hiking and Biking Games, August 4 - 7, 2016


The Eighth Jogja (Indonesia) International Heritage Walk will take place on 19. and 20. November 2016.


The first President (1992 - 1996) of the PFPT / PVV (Polish Federation) has passed away on 2015-12-31.


IVV/IML Cup Program: The date of the IML event in Beijing has been changed and will now take place on September 10 and 11, 2016.

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