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2014-10-18 Complete information about the 2015 IVV Olympiad in Chengdu, China, may be found here.

2014-08-26  -  2014-09-11  The IVV Head Office is closed because of holiday from 26th August until 11th September, 2014.

2014-07-11  Presidium decision regarding the 2017 IVV Olympiad applications by Germany and Austria. Preliminary check.

2014-05-16  The newest IVV Direct Member is the Marbella 4-Days Walk in Spain, which is modelled on the Nijmegen 4-Day walk in Holland. This annual event will include distances of 20 and 30 km. Walks are non-competitive and held in nature, along the beach and on more difficult slopes in the hills. Following registration, IVV credit may be given after each day. The achievement medal is awarded only to walkers who have completed a walk on all four days. This year, the 4 Days Walk also becomes more family oriented, with two walks of 6 km each on the final two days for children accompanied by an adult.

For more information (Routes, Accommodation, Transport, Special Offers, etc) please visit the M4DW website. All pages are available in English, German, Spanish and French. Contact information here.

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2014-03-20  Important information concerning the upcoming Asianpiade (Nov. 2014) in Japan, plus other walking activities in Japan and Korea throughout the rest of the year, is now available on the IVV Events & Programs > IVV Olympiads etc. page. A printable summary is also available in the latest issue (March 2014) of Just One Minute!

2014-03-17  We are very glad to announce IVV-Asia international walking events in Korea and Taiwan.

     Korea ( (2017-2018)

          The 7th 120km All-night Walk (01-02 Mar.)

          The 16th Seogwipo Rape Flower International Walking Festival (24-25 Mar.)

          The 4th Suncheon ECO International Walking Festival (26-27 Apr.)

          The 12th Seoul International Walking Festival (24-25 May)

          The 10th Mt. Seorak International Trekking Festival (14-15 June)

          The 20th Korea International Walking Festival (25-26 Oct.)

          The 5th Seoul -> Tokyo Korea-Japan Friendship Walking (01 Apr - 20 May. 2015)

    Taipei (

          2014 IVV Walking Taiwan festival; IVV-Asia's founding memorial walk; Taiwan IVV World Walking Day (26-27, April 2014)

          Slogan: "Health is fortune" and "Friendship brings us happiness".

          Registration: For foreigners only. Please contact Chinese Taipei Alpine Association by e-mail:

2014-03-17  The 2nd Asianpiad will be conducted in conjunction with the Japan Three-Day March (IML).

     Date : 01 (Sat), 02 (Sun), and 03 (Mon) November, 2014

     Venue : Matsuyama Daiichi Elementary School, in Higashi-matsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan


          Walking - 5km, 10km, 20km, 30km, 50km (01, 02, and 03 Nov.)

          Cycling - 14km, 28km (afternoon of 02 Nov)

          Swimming, Aqua-walking - 300m, 500m, 1000m (afternoon of 03 Nov.)

Registration and Travel Information


     Address: Sunrise Daiichi BLDG. #rd. 5-16-12, Ueno, Taito-ku Tokyo, 110-0005, Japan

     Tel: +81-3-5812-1581

     Fax: +81-3-3823-2200


     Japan Three-Day March Organizing Committee


     IVV-Asia/Japan Volkssport Association


2014-02-07  IVV / IML organizers Harry and Kathleen Berg awarded the highest civilian honour in Australia.

The Bergs were nominated for their exceptional commitment to promoting the health and social benefits of walking as well as to encouraging international friendship and understanding. After experiencing multi-day walking events in Europe, Harry and Kathleen established the Canberra Two Day Medal Walk in 1992. Their aim was to promote walking, to provide a healthy, enjoyable recreational activity and to encourage walkers to achieve a personal challenge. They also sought to encourage international friendships. This aim was notably advanced in 1997 when the Canberra Two Day Walk was accepted into the IML Walking Association.

In addition to the Canberra Walking Festival the Bergs have introduced Internationaler Volkssport Verband (IVV) walks in Australia. IVV walks are available in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Lakes Entrance, Bairnsdale and Wodonga. Harry and Kathleen regularly host overseas groups wishing to undertake IVV walks in Australia. Their promotion of IVV walks here has encouraged many Australian walkers to take part in IVV walks overseas.

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