International Federation of Popular Sports

Internationaler Volkssportverband.



For walking events and programs in specific member countries, please refer to the lists of countries under the IVV menu.

Prices for the IML/IVV Cup Awards (April 2023)

     IML/IVV Record Book: 3 Euros

     Cover: 0.50 Euros

     Cup Bar: 6 Euros

     Bronze Medal: 21 Euros

     Silver or Gold Medal: 22 Euros

     Silver or Gold Medal: 23 Euros

     Certificate: 5 Euros

     IML/IVV Badge: 8 Euros

IML & IVV Cooperation Cups Rules

     Revised IVV / IML Cup Rules (2016-03-03)

     The stamp will be given on the last day of the event.

IML & IVV Cooperation Cup 2024

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