International Federation of Popular Sports

Internationaler Volkssportverband

IVV-Americas (& Oceania)

This Continental Association includes present and potential members in North, Central and South America, the Caribbean Basin and across Oceania.

Continental Association


     1. Anda Brasil (Founding member)

     2. The Canadian Volkssport Federation (Founding member)

     3. AussieWalk (March 2017)


By national referendum, the American Volkssport Association chose not to be a member of IVV-Americas, but remains a member of the IVV.

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     President: Diana MARSHALL, Australia


          Mob: +61 409 647 228

     Secretary: Brenda DUDFIELD, Canada

     Suite 604 - 251 Bank Street,

     Ottawa ON K2P 1X3



     Tel: +1 613 234-7333

     Fax: +1 613 233-7056