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2021-03-01      Announcement - RESCHEDULED EVENT  The IVV/IML Cup in Schweix/Germany is postponed to next year June 4/5 2022

2021-02-20  Announcement - RESCHEDULED EVENT  Cape Verde Walking Festival: 2021-11-19/21 in Ameixal / Quarteira, Portugal  Contact and social media

2021-02-18  RESCHEDULED EVENT - CROATIA -  The Hrvatski Festival Hodanja has been rescheduled to 2021-09-04/05

2021-02-11 EVENT CANCELLATION - The walking event scheduled for 06-07 March 2021 in Portugal has been cancelled.

2021-01-06  At the recent IVV Congress held in Alt√∂tting, Germany, Raymond Claude, retiring IVV Secretary was awarded the IVV Pin of Honour by President Colantonio.



2020-12-18  The minutes of the recent IVV Congress are available here and in the Documents and Resources folder.

2020-12-09  The schedule for the IML/IVV Cooperation Cup Events in 2021 has been posted here. UPDATE! IVV-Indonesia confirms its event in Jakarta Nov. 20-21, 2021.

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