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2021-12-20 Announcement: 2022 IVV Congress of Delegates - The IVV hereby informs you of the deadlines to be considered for the next IVV Congress of Delegates in Kehl/Germany on 23.08.2022, according to the IVV Rules and Statutes. The documents have to be submitted in writing by e-mail or by mail to the IVV Head Office:

Applications to host the IVV Olympiad 2025: 23.02.2022 at the latest (for details see announcement of 15.11.2021).


     Motions to the IVV Congress of Delegates:   23.04.2022 at the latest

     Convocation will be sent at the latest 3 months before the Congress: 23.05.2022 at the latest

     Applications to host the Congress of Delegates 2024: 23.06.2022 at the latest

     The Delegates are to be notified in writing to the IVV office by name by 23.06.2022 at the latest.

2021-12-06  Announcement - CVF announcement of the cancellation of the IVV Congress in July 2022 - Due to the Omicron variant of the COVID virus, the Canadian government has imposed new measures requiring all travellers arriving by air to spend an undetermined period of time in isolation upon their arrival, while they wait for further PCR test results. The impact of this period of isolation (from one to four days) upon the delegate’s costs, their ability to participate, and the proposed program itself would have been too significant to be able to proceed. Accordingly, the CVF has taken the reluctant decision to cancel the Congress. The CVF thanks those who had indicated their intention to attend for their support.

2021-11-29  Announcement  - The following documents have to be submitted in writing by e-mail or by mail to the IVV Head Office:

     • Applications to host the IVV Olympiad 2025: 27.01.2022 at the latest (for details see announcement of 15.11.2021).

     • Motions to the IVV Congress of Delegates:   28.03.2022 at the latest

     • Convocation will be sent at the latest 3 months before the Congress: 27.04.2022 at the latest

     • Applications to host the Congress of Delegates 2024: 27.05.2022 at the latest.

     • The Delegates are to be notified in writing to the IVV office by name by 27.05.22 at the latest.

2021-11-26  News - A draft copy of the proposed Strategic Plan for the IVV has been distributed to the Continental Associations and the Presidents of IVV national members for their consultation and input. Feedback is requested no later than Jan 21, 2022.

2021-11-22  News - It is with sadness that the Belgian Federation (FFBMP) announces the passing of Maurice DELAFONTAINE on November 16, 2021. Mr. DELAFONTAINE was elected to his first position within the Federation in 1978 as club President until 1996, during which time he also served as Secretary and Treasurer. He was elected President of the FFBMP from March 1996 to March 2006, and had been the FFBMP Honorary President until his passing.

2021-10-27 News - At a ceremony held during the recent Europiad in Sillian, Austria, the following countries were recognized for their long-standing membership and support for the IVV. Germany, Austria and Switzerland: 50 years; Czech Republic: 25 years. A certificate and momento were presented by IVV President Colantonio and Treasurer Motz.

2021-09-14  Announcement: The IVV has been recognized by TAFISA as an official 'Pacesetter' in their 24-hour Relay Around the World event on October 03, 2021.

2021-09-07  Announcement: Regulation for the IML/IVV Cup stamp due to the overlapping of the IML event in Wonju (Oct 29-30,2022) and the IVV Olympiad in Seoul (Oct 28-31, 2022): Every IML walker who can show the IML stamp of Wonju 2022 in the IML Passport will additionally receive the IML/IVV Cup stamp of the IVV Olympiad in the IML Passport if the walker walks 20 / 10 km at the IVV Olympiad on October 31, 2022.  The Cup stamp in the IML Passport is only issued in connection with the IML Wonju stamp from 2022.   For the regular IML/IVV Cup stamp in the IML/IVV Cup book only, the following days need to be walked: October 28/29/30/31, 2022.

2021-09-07  Announcement: The IML Walking Association announces its UNICEF-Charity World Challenge 1.09.2021 – 30.11.2021. Over the past months, numerous manifestations have unfortunately fallen victim to the worldwide pandemic. In the hope of bringing our fellow walkers closer together again – at least in spirit – the IML has worked on this special kind of event. More information here.

2021-08-31  Presidium News

     The next Presidium meeting will take place in Sillian, Austria on October 19. Vice-President Fawcett will attend


     The IVV President will represent the IVV at the FFSP Delegates Assembly in Obernai, France on 11 September. IVV

           Treasurer Motz will represent the IVV at the 50th Federation Meeting of the VSL in Hirschthal/Switzerland.

     IVV Finances - the cash audit for 2020 will take place during the Europiad in October 2021.

2021-08-31  Announcement - A request from TAFISA (The Association For International Sport For All) for a joint cooperation on an International Walking Day in October was approved. A description of the proposed event and its modalities for IVV members will follow shortly from the Vice-President through the IVV Office.

2021-08-30  Announcement - The Presidium decided to use the ZOOM video conferencing service for its meetings. Other parties, including the United Presidium, will be able to share the service. Specific information will follow.

2021-08-29  Announcement -  A request from TAFISA (The Association For International Sport For All) for a joint cooperation on an international Walking Day in October was approved unanimously. A description of the proposed event and its modalities for IVV members will follow shortly from the Vice-President through the IVV Office.

2021-08-28  Presidium News - The recent Presidium meeting in Sardinia was the first in-person opportunity for all members to meet together since the beginning of the pandemic. Over the three-day period, approximately 20 hours were spent reviewing the working document prepared by Project Coordinator, Vice-President Fawcett. Part C, on Information Technology, was not included and will be discussed during Presidium meetings in October. At the end, the President expressed thanks for the good and professional work done. All members of the Presidium paid tribute to Vice-President Fawcett for a great preliminary work, as well as to Executive Assistant Tanja Müller for her valuable collaboration for the benefit of all. The preliminary document, including strategies but not Part C on information technology, has been shared with the two working groups for their further input.

2021-08-09  Announcement - The 18th IVV Olympiad will take place in San Antonio, TX USA from 19-23 February 2023. Keep informed by visiting the official AVA FaceBook page.

2021-07-26 Presidium Announcement: The IVV Office has contacted all national associations to ask if they are a member of or have contact their own National Olympic Committee.

2021-07-08 Presidium News: Strategic Plan [Update] The Presidium will meet in Sardinia Aug 04-07 2021 to set the strategies, priorities and timelines for the Strategic Plan.

IVV-Austria Congress of Delegates - IVV Secretary Dannemark will represent the Presidium at the IVV-Austria Delegates Meeting in Gallspach on July 10. [Update] Report  Photo

2021-07-04 Presidium news: President Colantonio and Secretary Dannemark will meet with a representative of the Luxembourg Olympic Committee on July 06.  [Update] The meeting between the IVV and national Olympic Committee in Luxembourg was deemed a success, and Executive Assistant Müller will follow up with informational material about the IVV.

2021-07-04 Presidium news: President Colantonio and Secretary Dannemark will meet on July 05 with IML Walking Association President Marc Müller in Luxembourg.  [Update] Following the meeting between representatives of the IVV and the IML, the minutes were approved and the decision to improve the contact with more frequent communications was taken.

2021-07-04 Presidium news: Vice-President Fawcett attended a 2-day virtual conference held by TAFISA (The Association for International Sports for All) on June 28 & 29. TAFISA has developed a 2-year plan to respond to members’ needs and challenges, based on input given to a survey done in May.  The 6-part INTERACT project has been launched with the aim of supporting members in the most direct manners possible. [Update]  Report

2021-06-28 Presidium news: Work is being done to create a PowerPoint presentation to be used for presentation purposes at events. The PowerPoint presentation was preferred over a video as it can be updated at any time if needed. An updated IVV information flyer will be created. A first draft by the graphic designer is already available. [Update] - The text has been approved and the flyers will be published in German / English. If IVV member countries wish to have the flyers printed in their own language, the text will be provided in English.

2021-06-24 Presidium news: With the support of IVV-Luxembourg, contact with the IOC in Luxembourg has been established. A date is to be arranged in August/September, the goal being recognition of the IVV. The visit to Luxembourg will also be used to further deepen the cooperation with the IML, and a meeting with the responsible persons will be organized. Furthermore, active work is being done on the Strategic Plan for the IVV. Including representatives of the IVV Presidium, 12 IVV member associations are represented in the working groups.

A first physical IVV Presidium meeting will be scheduled for August 2021, as it is assumed that travel by all participants will be possible by then. During the IVV Europiad in Sillian in October, another Presidium meeting will be held. A third meeting this year will be held in Portugal in November to visit the new IVV Club there, and to have official meetings with the Mayor and other local representatives.

2021-06-22 Presidium news:  After requests from several federations, the IVV Presidium agrees to send IVV stamps to walkers on paper or stickers/labels after the records have been sent digitally, without having to submit the original record book. This will facilitate processing during redemption. It is assumed that the responsible persons carefully check the active and successful participation according to IVV guidelines point A 12.

2021-06-20 Presidium news: IVV-Americas has been informed that the start-up loan of 5000 Euros does not have to be paid back, as it has been done with the other continental associations IVV-Europe and IVV-Asia.

2021-06-01 Presidium news: Decisions taken by the IVV Presidium will henceforth be announced on this page, rather than by separate copies of minutes as has been done in the past. Presidium meetings will be held approximatley every two weeks.

2021-06-01 Announcement: IVV-Canada is saddened by the loss of the President of the first Volkssport club in Canada, Ron Colpitts. He was also the founding President of IVV-Canada in 1987.

2021-05-21 Announcement: The Registration Form for the IML/IVV-CUP Algarve|Portugal Walking Festival in Amaixial March 05-06, 2022 is now available.

2021-04-22 Announcement - RESCHEDULED EVENT - The event in Portugal scheduled for April 24/25, 2021 has been postponed to May 08/09, 2021.

2021-04-15  Announcement - The IVV Presidium and entire Volkssport community express their deepest sorrow and condolences upon the recent passing of Ana Beatriz Cordeiro, wife of Ayrton Violento, former president of Anda Brasil. She and her husband were very congenial and generous hosts of the 2016 IVV Congress in Brazil. Ana was also the current Vice-President of Anda Brasil.

2021-11-15  Announcement - Cape Verde announces a new hiking program, Sao Nicolau, Cape Verde  Nov 16-23, 2021

2021-04-09  Announcement - Due to restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic, the 5th Hochpustertal Europiade 2021 has been postponed. The 5th Europiade will be rescheduled for October 20th through October 23rd 2021. Location and program will stay the same, as of now. Further information can be found on the IVV-Austria homepage: www.oevv-wandern.at      All information

2021-03-29  Announcement - The IVV Presidium announces a major new project.

2021-03-19  Announcement - The Short Report from the Presidium meeting of Feb. 10, 2021 has been posted here.

2021-03-15  RESCHEDULED EVENT - IVV/IML Cup 2022: Ameixial, Quarteira, Portugal New Date: March 5/6 2022

2021-03-14  Announcements - The 5th Asianpiad in Vladivostok, Russia will take place Oct 22-23, 2022, followed by the 17th IVV Olympiad in Seoul, South Korea from Oct 28-31, 2022.

2021-03-08  Announcement - It is with sadness that we inform the IVV community of the recent passing of Martin HETT, a former president of the FFSP. He was also IVV Vice-president for 20 years. He received the IVV Pin of Honour in 1991.

2021-03-01      Announcement - RESCHEDULED EVENT  The IVV/IML Cup in Schweix/Germany is postponed to next year June 4/5 2022

2021-02-20  Announcement - RESCHEDULED EVENT  Cape Verde Walking Festival: 2021-11-19/21 Contact and social media

2021-02-18  RESCHEDULED EVENT - CROATIA -  The Hrvatski Festival Hodanja has been rescheduled to 2021-09-04/05

2021-02-11 EVENT CANCELLATION - The walking event scheduled for 06-07 March 2021 in Portugal has been cancelled.

2021-01-06  At the recent IVV Congress held in Altötting, Germany, Raymond Claude, retiring IVV Secretary was awarded the IVV Pin of Honour by President Colantonio.

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