International Federation of Popular Sports

Internationaler Volkssportverband.

Continental Association

This Continental Association includes present and potential members in North, Central and South America, the Caribbean Basin and across Oceania.


     President: Diana MARSHALL, Australia


          Mob: +61 409 647 228

     Secretary: Brenda DUDFIELD, Canada

     204 Leather Leaf Terrace,

     Ottawa, ON  K2J 5Z7



     Tel: +1 613 234-7333

     Fax: +1 613 233-7056


     1. Anda Brasil (Founding member)

     2. The Canadian Volkssport Federation (Founding member)

     3. AussieWalk (March 2017)

     4. The American Volkssport Association - America's

            Walking Club


The Rotorua International Two-Day Walking Club (NZ) is not a member of IVV-Americas, but is a member of the IVV.

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