The IVV Olympiad is held every second year in the country of an IVV member. It is a celebration of Volkssports and everyone is invited to participate. Olympiad Volkssport events include walking, swimming, biking, and sometimes other non-competitive sports. Social and cultural activities promote harmony, mutual understanding, and friendships among those who attend.

Olympiad Order 25/11/2016

IVV Olympiad Organization

IVV Olympiads

     2021: Seoul, South Korea - October 27-31

     2019: Aix-en-Provence - France   Brochure

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     2017: Koblenz - Germany

     2015: Chengdu - China

     2013: Grödnertal - Southern Tyrol

     2011: Antalya - Turkey

     2009: Yamanaschi - Japan

     2007: Otepää - Estonia

     2005: Pilsen + Prague – Czech Republic



To enable our walkers to collect their Olympiads in a pass, the new “Olympiade Pass” has been published. Please find the conditions on the rear page, see above. To inform all walkers, please publish this information on your homepage. Any previous Olympiads can be added into the book.

Last update: 2018-11-06

Congratulations to the following walkers who  have participated in all 15 IVV Olympiads from 1989 through 2017!

                    Büttner, Ralf                  Ehls, Bernd

                    Halleux, Monique          van Hoorebeke, Hugo

                    Lins, Engelbert              Monard, Alain

                    Niebergall, Dieter          Siegel, Ronald

2003: Genk – Belgium

2001: Seefeld – Austria

1999: Bibione – Italy

1997: Vierumäki – Finland

1995: Athens/Amaroussi – Greece

1993: RibeauviIle – France

1991: Schömberg – Germany

1989: Valkenburg – Netherlands