World Cup 1 & 2

IVV World Cup

Conditions: The WORLD CUP awards are given to Volkssporters who, from January 1, 2000, have participated in at least 2 IVV events in 3 different continents (6 stamps from 6 different countries) as well as 2 IVV Olympiads. All kinds of Volkssport events are eligible.

Award: WORLD CUP patch, cap with WORLD CUP emblem, certificate.

For the purchase of the identity card please contact:

  • IVV-Headquarters
  • Fabrikstraße 8
  • D-84503 Altötting
  • Tel. +49 (0) 86 71 / 88 30 67
  • Fax: +49 (0) 86 71 / 96 31 31
  • Germany

The amount of €38,50 is to be remitted by money transfer to the account stated at time of invoice or payment by check/cheque

IVV member countries:

(belonging to the following continents)


Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, South Tyrol, Belgium, France, Norway, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia*, Estonia, Iceland, Greece, Cyprus**, Poland*, Ireland*, Spain*, Slovenia*, Malta**, Turkey, Portugal**, Croatia*, Russia*, Latvia**, Lithuania**, Andorra*, Romania*


USA, Canada, Brazil, Paraguay**, Argentina**


Japan, South Korea, Turkey, China, India**, Indonesia**, Mongolia**, Taiwan, Thailand**


South Africa*, Namibia**


Australia*, New Zealand*, Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan)**, New Caledonia**


Countires with National and Direct Member clubs (*), or where travel / tour companies (**) organize IVV-sponsored walking events from time to time. IVV events in Turkey are organized in both the European and Asian parts of the country.

Participation Book

New Awards for World Cup Program

The IVV World Cup program is very successful. It requires two IVV events each on three different continents and two IVV-Olympiads. There are walkers who have done the program twice, or even a third time. As tribute and new award for the program, there are new caps, labelled “World Cup II” or “World Cup III”, as you can see in the picture. We wish you continued enjoyable and successful walks.


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